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Does Dandy Blend Break a Fast? [Intermittent Fasting Tips]

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I first heard of Dandy Blend from one of my clients. She was extremely sensitive to caffeine and was searching for a caffeine-free alternative to use for her daily cup of Keto Coffee. After some research, she stumbled across a product called "Dandy Blend" and asked me if it would break her fast.

After that initial encounter with the product, I have received more and more questions from AENpeeps on whether or not Dandy Blend breaks a fast. So today, I'm breaking down the science-y deets on whether or not you can use Dandy Blend during your fasted period.

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does dandy blend break a fast

What is Dandy Blend?

Dandy Blend is a brand that creates a coffee-alternative caffeine-free drink made from barley, rye, dandelion, chicory and beet roots. Just like with coffee beans, the products are roasted to produce a typical cup of coffee experience. I have not personally tried Dandy Blend, but from my clients experience, they tend to express that they enjoy it due to the sweet flavor.

Does it Break Your Fast?

This depends on the individual. Dandy Blend only contains 1g of carbohydrates per serving, so for most people, it probably won't stimulate an increase in insulin production. However, you can also test this by measuring your blood glucose levels before and after having a cup of Dandy Blend. If your blood glucose significantly spikes, then this is breaking your fast. If not, then you're in the clear! If you don't want to go through the trouble of testing your blood glucose levels, you can know that most likely the carbohydrates and protein in Dandy Blend are so low that it won't break your fast. If you're an extreme Nutrition Nerd (like me 🤓) and want to know how your body specifically responds, then feel free to test your blood glucose levels.

Should You Have Coffee or Dandy Blend?

Because Dandy Blend is so sweet tasting, this is where I enter into an area of hesitation for recommending it. Just like with other non-caloric sweeteners such as monk fruit and stevia, it is possible that the sweetness will inspire further sugar cravings later in the day.

If you're used to having high levels of sugar and are in the process of transitioning away from sugar, then using a product such as Dandy Blend (or stevia in your Keto Coffee for that matter) can be helpful instead of a sugary latte, for example. However, in order to get best results and reduce further sugar cravings later in the day, ideally you want to switch to a drink option that is not sweet.

does dandy blend break a fast

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does dandy blend break your fast

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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Hi Autumn - I just came across this post and appreciate the information. It looks like perhaps since this post they have now stopped including the beet root in the ingredients and now it just contains the barley, rye, dandelion, and chicory extracts. Probably even safer bet that it wouldn't break a fast, right?

Replying to

Hi there! It looks like the total grams of carbs still is 1 gram - so they likely increased some of the other ingredients to compensate for the removal of beet root.

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