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Updated: May 27, 2020

This community of Nutrition Nerds is expanding EVERY DAY!🤓 During the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge, we had AENpeeps participating in Italy, U.S., England, Scotland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Sweden, Germany, Africa and Switzerland! I'm in awe at how supportive the AENpeeps are with helping each other achieve their goals and feel GOOD again.

Today is the OFFICIAL announcement for the Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge!! (Unless you're part of the weekly AEN Newsletter and found out yesterday!) We'll all be eating amazing food, supporting our GI tracts, reducing bloating, increasing energy levels and tapping into fat burning mechanisms starting on Monday, September 23 and going for 4 weeks!!

Get the deets on how to join in below!

This Challenge, you have two options of how to participate:

1. Follow the 4 week Level Up Guide using your specific protocol. (Get a sneak peek into the Level Up Guide and take your Health Quiz to determine your protocol HERE.)


2. Follow the 7 Day IF Detox for the first week, then the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program for the next 3 weeks. This option is perfect for beginners to Intermittent Fasting so that you can ease into the experience for best results.

This year, 3 Winners will be randomly selected at the end of the Challenge to receive their own limited edition NUTRITION NERD shirt to show off their nerdy power 🤓 In fact, you may have noticed me sporting this shirt in some of my latest YouTube videos! Check it out below!

intermittent fasting challenge for weight loss - autumn elle nutrition

*Did you guys see Morgan's inspiring story of quitting calorie counting during the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge and STILL achieving her wellness goals?! SUCH food freedom! Make sure to check out her story for some inspo HERE.

The AENpeeps who have competed the Intermittent Fasting Challenge reported:

~decreased bloating

~clear skin

~weight loss AND fat loss

~increased lean muscle production

~increased energy levels

~more restful, deep sleep

~more stable moods and increased feelings of happiness

~increased breast milk production

~decreased anxiety

~less sugar cravings

~more food freedom

~and SO much more!

The Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge this year will be 4 WEEKS long and starts on September 23rd!!! Mark your calendar!!🎃🍁

How to get started:

1. Grab your Level Up Guide HERE. (Or the 21 Day IF Program + 7 Day Detox HERE)

2. Take the Health Quiz to determine which protocol you will be following during the Challenge. This is for those following the Level Up Guide. But feel free to take the quiz even if you are following the 21 Day IF Program so that you can see what's to come!

3. Read through the ENTIRE Program! This is important so you understand the WHY as well as the WHAT. This is how lasting change happens!

4. Write in your specific Protocol strategies on the "notes" section of the meal plan so that you can tailor it to your goals.

5. Keep track of your progress with the Daily Fasting Journal and Weekly Reflections in the Program

6. Join the Autumn Elle Nutrition Facebook Group HERE. This is an amazing support system for you to share your journey with other AENpeeps!

7. Get your friends and family to join in too! If they haven't done the 21 Day Program, they need to begin with that first.

8. Once the Challenge begins on September 23 - Use the #AENpeeps hashtag for all of your Instagram posts during the Challenge. That way we can all follow along and support each other throughout the journey!

What can you expect?

-Meal-by-meal guidance from the Programs

-AMAZING recipes to inspire you to achieve your wellness dreams

-Accountability from the #AENpeeps

-Increased energy levels

-Decreased bloating

-Increased metabolic fitness = boosted fat burning🔥 

-All the science you need to know 🤓

-Individualized guidance with the Level Up Guide tailored to your goals based off of the Health Quiz results.

*Remember, if this is your first time, you will start September 23 with the 7 Day IF Detox, then continue the next 3 weeks with the 21 Day IF Program. If you're using the Level Up Guide, you can jump straight into your protocol for the 4 weeks! Remember to grab your Program that you will be using HERE.*

I'm SO excited to bring this Challenge into Fall so that we can all continue (or start!) to feel AMAZING!! Don't forget to grab the Level Up Guide (or the 21 Day IF Program if this is your first time) HERE.

Your Nutritionist,


intermittent fasting challenge autumn elle nutrition

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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