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Does Magnesium Taken Before Bed Break Your Fast?

Updated: May 27

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Whether you're using a magnesium supplement to help aid in deep sleep, boost muscle recovery or simply increase your intake, you're probably wondering if taking this on an empty stomach will break your fast before bed.

Today, I'm breaking down the deets on magnesium supplements, whether or not they break a fast and the ideal time to be taking it!

Does Magnesium Break Your Fast?

First things first, as always, we need to determine what your goal with Intermittent Fasting is. If you're following a fasting protocol for therapeutic or religious purposes, then most likely anything (that isn't water) will break your fast.

However, if you're using Intermittent Fasting to tap into fat burning mechanisms, reduce bloating and achieve your weight loss goal, then magnesium will not break your fast. But before you start taking your magnesium during your fasted period, you need to make sure that your supplement doesn't contain sugar. Sugar WILL break your fast because it will stimulate your storing hormone, insulin. If you're using magnesium in a capsule form, then most likely you're safe. However, if you're using a stir-in powder or gummies, then it's important you take a look at the supplement facts label. Gummies will nearly always have sugar in them. You're better off swapping this type of magnesium supplement for a capsule or sugar-free powder form. As for the powder form, it's still worth checking the supplement facts for sugar. Sneaky forms include maltodextrin, dextrose, caramel and anything that says "syrup".

When Should You Take Magnesium?

I personally prefer taking magnesium at night so that you get the most "bang for your buck". At night is when your muscles will go through the majority of muscle repair, which magnesium is useful for. Plus, magnesium acts as a natural muscle relaxant to help improve deep sleep (which is HIGHLY important for weight loss and hormone balance goals). For this reason, I aim to have my magnesium 30-60 minutes before bed. Just remember to check that it doesn't contain sugar!

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