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Does Potassium Break a Fast? [Intermittent Fasting Tips]

If you're supplementing with potassium to help boost your electrolytes, should you wait to take it during your eating window? Today, I'm diving into whether or not potassium breaks a fast.

does potassium break a fast

Does Potassium Break a Fast?

Potassium is an important electrolyte needed to help maintain an electrolyte balance within the body. While Intermittent Fasting, it's easy to lose a significant amount of electrolytes (and water) and therefore replacing those lost electrolytes and water can help prevent symptoms like headaches and muscle fatigue.

Whether or not something breaks a fast depends on your goal with Intermittent Fasting. If you're looking for the gut health perks of Intermittent Fasting, then anything other than water and electrolytes will likely break a fast. However, if you're looking to achieve a weight loss goal, then anything that causes insulin (the storing hormone) to spike will break a fast.

Assuming that we're talking about pure potassium (meaning, not in gummy or sugary powder form), then this won't break a fast. Because potassium doesn't contain any protein or carbs that could spike insulin, the body stays in a fat burning state during the fast. However, if you take potassium in a gummy form or if your supplement contains any sugar or protein (always check the label!), then this will break a fast.

*Note: It's important to check with your doctor before taking any supplements, including potassium, to make sure it fits your health history and doesn't interfere with any medications you might be currently taking.

The main problem is that potassium is often found in various electrolyte drinks that contain a significant amount of sugar. For example, a standard bottle of Gatorade has around 48 grams of sugar and 110mg of potassium. This hefty amount of sugar will certainly spike insulin and will therefore break a fast.

However, you can also find potassium in zero sugar electrolyte mixes, such as LMNT. But it's important to know that some flavors of LMNT will break a fast, so make sure you grab the deets HERE if you plan on using it during your fasting window.

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