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Does Turmeric Break A Fast? [Simple Explanation!]

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Does turmeric break a fast? If you're new to Intermittent Fasting and looking to reap the weight loss and wellness perks of fasting, you're probably filled with questions on what does and doesn't break a fast.

Today, I'm breaking down exactly what you need to know about turmeric and Intermittent Fasting in order to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals!

Does Turmeric Break A Fast?

What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric?

Most people are aware of turmeric's anti-inflammatory components, but are there additional perks of including turmeric that we need to be aware of? It turns out that some studies have found turmeric, or rather the active compound in turmeric called curcumin, may aid in boosting weight loss.(1, 2) One likely reason that turmeric can aid in weight loss is from it's studied reduction in the fat storing hormone insulin.(3) This can double up on the weight loss benefits of Intermittent Fasting, which has a similar studied perk of reducing insulin and aiding in fat burning as a result.(4) Plus, turmeric has been found to speed up phase 2 of liver detoxification, making it a worthy liver supporting food as well.(5)

Does Turmeric Break A Fast?

If you are fasting for religious or therapeutic purposes, anything outside of water will break your fast. However, if you are utilizing Intermittent Fasting in order to tap into fat burning mechanisms and achieve a weight loss goal, the main purpose of the fast is to reduce the frequency in which the storing hormone insulin is secreted. Carbohydrates are the main food source of insulin secretion. Next is protein. Fat, on the other hand, has very little or zero effect on insulin. This is why using a high quality fat source in your coffee can actually keep you on track with your goals.

Half a teaspoon of ground turmeric comes in at around .7g net carbs and .2g protein. The grams of carbohydrates or protein that is necessary to spike insulin (and therefore break a fast) will vary from person to person. But a good rule of thumb is to stick with less than 1g of protein and fat to help ensure you won't break your fast.

With this in mind, sticking to .5 tsp. ground turmeric or less should not break your fast.

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Does Turmeric Break A Fast?

Should You Use Turmeric While Fasting?

As noted with the studies above, turmeric can certainly be useful for your wellness or weight loss journey. Whether you use it during your fast or during your eating window is really up to you. I personally like using it during my eating window and in meals like the Turmeric Pineapple Smoothie or Golden Turmeric Latte (both featured from the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle program).

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Does Turmeric Break a Fast?

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Does Turmeric Break a Fast?

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