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How This Woman Lost 60 Pounds And Freed Herself From Emotional Eating

We're officially in week 1 of the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge! And to kick off the Challenge, I decided to share some major inspiration from one of the AENpeeps, Guylaine.

Psssst - it's not too late to join the Challenge! Head over HERE for the details on how to join in!

Guylaine is a long time follower of the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle and has lost 60 pounds!

autumn bates intermittent fasting bundle review

Recently, Guylaine posted the above before and after photo in the private AEN Facebook group, and her tips and journey that she discussed in her post are such an inspiration that I asked her to share an update to her story on the blog as well.

"I weigh 171, the last time I weighed that, I was a teenager. I am in the process of lowering my dosage of thyroid pills. My doctor is impressed!"

This isn't Guylaine's first weight loss journey, but as you'll soon learn, this is the first time she feels like it'll finally stick. She's confident in her meal choices and she's feeling better than ever.

Scroll down for Guylaine's 17 month and 60 pound update and all of her amazing tips that have helped her succeed!

autumn bates intermittent fasting bundle review

How long have you been on your weight loss and wellness journey?

I’ve been doing IF/AEN for 17 months now. I like to add the 2 months when I was cutting out the sugar, so 19 months to lose 60 pounds so far. In the past I have lost 60 pounds doing calories in calories out, weight watchers and low fat diets but gained all those pounds back and more. This is the fourth time that I have lost 60 pounds. This time I am confident that I will not gain them back. I believe I am lowering my set point and improving my metabolism, slowly reversing all the damage I have done to myself yoyo dieting. IF/AEN Nutrient Timing gives me so much strength and is freeing me from emotional eating, being in semi-starvation and the tyranny of CICO.

autumn bates 21 day intermittent fasting program

Which programs and tools have been the most useful for you along your journey?

The 21 day intermittent fasting program, the new recipes meal plans and your youtube videos. I learn so much from your amazing resources. Also the AEN facebook group. AEN Peeps share their experiences and I learn from them too.

From your last blog post with the community, what recent updates have you experienced?

Since my tips blog post I have lost 7 pounds. 16 pounds since our youtube interview. I weigh 171, the last time I weighed that, I was a teenager. I am in the process of lowering my dosage of thyroid pills. My doctor is impressed! I wear size M clothes now. As for new additions to my routine, walking fasted, joining a gym using machines 3 times a week, accepting that my routine and schedule can be impacted by things outside of my control and not use that to sabotage my progress.

autumn bates recipes

What has made you maintain and continue with your results this time? What has been the biggest difference?

This is my lifestyle now. I am not on a diet. Because of what you explain, the effects of carbs, the insulin spikes and the fat storing, now I know what I am doing. It is as simple as that. If I crazily gained pounds back it would be knowingly.

Any tips for someone just starting off that you wish you knew before?

1) No snacking. When I was cutting out the sugar and was not aware of AEN I was snacking on seeds and nuts mostly. I am sure I would have lost more fat during the two months that I was looking at youtube when I found your channel and began to understand about eating protein, fat and fiber.

2) Start your journey now. Whether you are young or older, IF/AEN Nutrient Timing is the right way to do it and time is your friend. Six, twelve or nineteen months from now you won’t believe how you look, how far you have come or how much healthier you are. You can do it!

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❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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