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How To Break An Intermittent Fast For BEST Fat Loss [Eggs, Oats and Smoothies]

If you're looking to reduce body fat percentage and increase fat burning with Intermittent Fasting, what are going to be the best ways for you to break your fast? Good news, you have multiple options to fit your taste preferences! Today, I'm sharing three super simple ways you can break your fast in order to best support your weight loss goals!

how to break a fast

Break Your Fast With Eggs

Eggs are one of the best ways to break an intermittent fast due to it's highly satiating and blood glucose stabilizing nature.(1) Eating the whole egg (meaning, the yolk and white) allows you to get the satiating perks of both protein and fat. Starting off your eating window with an egg breakfast has even been found to reduce sugar cravings later in the day.(2) Considering sugar and sugary treats cause some of the biggest spikes in the fat storing hormone insulin, reducing cravings for these types of foods is hugely important for achieving a weight loss goal.

how to break a fast

Break Your Fast With A Smoothie

Smoothies are great for packing in all of the nutrients you need to feel satiated and stabilize blood glucose levels while on-the-go. Having a smoothie with a high quality protein base, fats to boost satiety and fiber to slow the release of the nutrients is key. A common smoothie mistake that will actively work against your goals is using fruit juice as the base. Fruit juice is a form of added sugar that will be rapidly absorbed by the body and can lead to huge spikes in the fat storing hormone insulin. Instead, try opting for an unsweetened nut/seed milk as the base, such as almond, hemp seed or coconut milk. You can even use water as the base for a fast and inexpensive option.

how to break a fast

Break Your Fast With "Oatmeal"

The reason this option is in quotes is because regular oatmeal is actually not the best option to break a fast for most people. (Get the full science-y breakdown of why oats aren't a great option with my article HERE.) Due to the low satiety level and high starch content, oatmeal is not a great break-fast option if weight loss is the main goal. Instead, if you're looking for a porridge or oatmeal-like option, Chia Porridge and Chia Brekky Bowls are amazing alternatives. When compared to oatmeal, Chia Brekky Bowls will pack in much higher levels of satiating fiber and fat while still having the "oatmeal-like" consistency. You can check out a simple and flavor packed chia brekky bowl recipe with the video below.

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how to break a fast

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