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Intermittent Fasting Gift Guide! [2022, Nutritionist Approved]

Looking for a gift that your friends and family will actually love and use? If your special someone is new to or currently practicing Intermittent Fasting, then these gifts will fit perfectly into their lifestyle!

Get ready to be the favorite gift giver this year for your Intermittent Fast-er!

autumn bates intermittent fasting program

Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle

Whether your Intermittent Fast-er is brand new to Intermittent Fasting or looking to achieve next level results, you can give them the gift of knowledge, delicious recipes and meal plans with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle. The Bundle includes 4 digital downloads with 100+ recipes, 8 weeks of meal planning, 3 week workout plan and MORE to help your Intermittent Fast-er achieve their weight loss or wellness goals!

intermittent fasting weight loss results

The Bundle has been used by thousands of men and women around the world to help tap into fat burning mechanisms while eating meals they love.

Head over HERE for the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

Autumn's Protein Powder

As most Intermittent Fast-er's have experienced, it can be tricky to get all of your daily protein needs in a smaller eating window. That's where a high quality protein powder, like my zero sugar protein powder, can be incredibly useful! My recently released zero sugar protein powder has been an absolute HIT with the community!

autumn bates protein powder

Grab a bag (or 2!) for your friends and family and they'll also receive a FREE digital cookbook with 10 delicious protein-packed recipes!

Stock up on the vanilla flavor HERE and chocolate HERE.

FitBit Versa 2

If your Intermittent Fast-er loves data, then they need the FitBit Versa 2. This is currently on my Christmas list (hint, hint to my husband), because it has all the bells and whistles without the hefty price tag of the newer models.

The FitBit Versa 2 tracks sleep quality, steps, heart rate, workouts and more. I use mine everyday and find it really useful for reminding me to get up and move every hour.

Get the FitBit Versa 2 on Amazon HERE.

Sailor's Cure All Tea

This is the tea that I've been raving about lately in my YouTube videos and IG reels. It's made with turmeric, ginger and seaweed and can be sipped on during the fast. I love using this after my last meal to help stimulate the gut cleaning process, called the Migrating Motor Complex.

Find it on Amazon HERE.

Tea Infuser

If you're grabbing the Sailor's Cure All tea, you're going to need an infuser to go along with it! There are a ton of different models you can get (and I've tried many of them), but I personally prefer THIS model. It's more compact and easier to store than some of the bigger options.

Grab it on Amazon HERE.

Sleep Mask

Every Intermittent Fast-er following the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle knows just how important a great night of sleep is for achieving weight loss and wellness goals. Using a sleep mask can mimic complete darkness that helps to increase the sleep hormone melatonin.

THIS is the sleep mask that I've used for years. Plus, it's a super budget friendly stocking stuffer!


This was on last year's holiday gift guide and I'm adding it back on this years as well because it's SUCH a useful gift. Sparkling water doesn't break a fast, making it a delicious way to get hydrated while fasting. But buying bottles of pre-made sparkling water can get really pricey. SodaStream allows you to make your own sparkling water for literally a fraction of the price.

You can find it on Amazon HERE.

Bodum French Press

Take your Intermittent Fast-er's coffee game to the next level with a Bodum French Press. This is the exact French Press that I've been using for 5+ years. Not only does it taste great, but it adds an extra layer of ritual to your morning cup of fasted coffee.

THIS is the French Press that I use.

Purity Coffee Holiday Collection

A good French Press is NOTHING without some great coffee! If you've been following the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle or my site for a while, you know that Organic Purity Coffee is the only coffee that I drink because it's mold-free.

But on top of that, Purity currently has their super cute holiday collection that will be perfect for your Intermittent Fast-er (or yourself!).

Grab the holiday collection coffee before it's gone HERE.

Keto Mojo

For your data-driven Intermittent-Faster! Keto Mojo is my preferred tool for tracking ketones and blood sugar levels. Although Intermittent Fasting isn't "keto", the body can still experience elevated ketone levels during the daily fast. Tracking these ketone levels can give additional insight into how well the body has transitioned into using fat as fuel.

Plus, Keto Mojo is super easy to use and one of the more affordable testing kits out there.

Grab Keto Mojo HERE.

LMNT Holiday Chocolate Medley

Every Intermittent Fast-er knows the importance of replacing electrolytes to help avoid fasting headaches and low energy levels. My go-to zero sugar electrolyte replacement is LMNT. Currently, they have a few new holiday flavors, as well as their other classics!

Add LMNT as a tasty stocking stuffer HERE.

Dry Farm Wines

If your Intermittent Fast-er is looking for a wine that will help them achieve their weight loss goals, then look no further than Dry Farm Wines. I love that Dry Farm Wines lab tests every wine for sugar content to ensure you're getting the healthiest, lowest sugar wines on the market. This is another company I've been using for years to help cut out the confusion when buying low or zero sugar wine.

You can even add an extra bottle for a penny by using THIS link.

Happy holidays, AENpeeps!!

Head over HERE to grab Autumn's Zero Sugar Protein Powder today!!

autumns protein powder

❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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