Autumn's Top Intermittent Fasting Food Brands [Intermittent Fasting Grocery List]

Updated: Sep 12

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Having the right ingredients on hand that are supportive of your wellness or weight loss goals is key for long term success. Over the years, I've discovered a variety of high quality brands that I now personally use on a daily basis. The list below is one that I will be coming back and adding to as I learn of more brands that are delicious, nutrition-focused and easy to implement. Each of these ingredients can also be found and used in my Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle recipes and meal plans.

The majority of the ingredients below can be ordered online and easily shipped to your house (for maximum convenience!). Checkout my grocery haul and the ingredients that you can always find in my (nerdy) kitchen so that you can start adding these into your meals!

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Smoothie/Break-Fast Ingredients:

Protein powder

I created my very own zero sugar, pasture-raised, 100% pure whey isolate protein powder for you! It even comes with 10 free protein-packed recipes to start making your own delish smoothies and meals.

You can grab a bag (or two!) of Autumn's Protein Powder HERE.

Collagen Powder

Ancient Nutrition's collagen has been clinically studied to have skin, hair and muscle recovery benefits.(1) You can find their Multi Collagen on Amazon HERE.

Purity Coffee

I only use Purity Coffee because it's tested to be mold and mold-toxin-free as well as optimized for antioxidants (and organic!).

You can get 20% off PLUS free shipping using code AUTUMN at checkout HERE!

Chia Seeds

These can be a little tricky to find at some grocery stores, which is why Amazon can be such a lifesaver! THIS brand of organic chia seeds is my go-to.

Coconut Butter

Also known as coconut manna. Much different than the vegan alternative butter replacements.