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[QUIZ!] Intermittent Fasting By Age | Find Out Your Perfect Intermittent Fasting Schedule!

Depending on your age, activity level and goals, your ideal Intermittent Fasting length will range. So I've compiled these factors into a 6 question quiz to help you determine which form of Intermittent Fasting will be best for your goals. Will a 12 hour fast suffice? Maybe you would benefit from a 20 hour fast?

Scroll down for my free 2 minute quiz to find out!

intermittent fasting by age chart

Unlock the Intermittent Fasting tips, meal plans, workouts and strategies to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

intermittent fasting by age chart

Tap into fat burning mechanisms, eat meals you love and FINALLY feel GOOD again!

Head over HERE to get started!

Keto Coffee Cheers,


Intermittent Fasting by age chart

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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