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When is the Best Time to Have Keto Coffee? (Hint: There Are 3)

Updated: May 27, 2020

I've played around with the timing of Keto Coffee (aka life juice) a ton in the last few years of implementing it into my routine and Intermittent Fasting. On Instagram and in the AEN Facebook group, I often get questions about when the ideal time for Keto Coffee is.

Today, I'm breaking down the three times that are best to have Keto Coffee and when you should NEVER be having it.

when can you have keto coffee / when is the best time to have keto coffee

#1: Before Your Workout

If you're someone who needs a little push to help you get out the door and power through your workout, then sipping on a cup of Keto Coffee deliciousness before your workout may be the best time for you. Utilizing artificial pre-workouts have the potential to break your fast and disrupt your gut flora, so using a natural source of caffeine from Keto Coffee is a great swap!

One caveat, if you exercise very early in the morning (i.e. multiple hours before the sun is up), you may want to push your Keto Coffee to after your workout. Having Keto Coffee too early in the morning may push your cortisol (stress hormone) levels up too high and result in a crash mid-morning.

Pro-tip: the more often you utilize a fasted workout with the tools from The Complete Intermittent Fasing Bundle, the better your mitochondria will get at creating energy so that you don't feel sleepy in the morning.

#2: After Your Workout

This is my preferred time to sip on the frothy goodness (p.s. I share my secrets on how to make the FROTHIEST cup of Keto Coffee with THIS vid). I find that it's more relaxing to sip on my Keto Coffee while I work rather than quickly have it before my workout - but this all depends on what your personal preference is. Some people find that it helps them to feel satiated longer during their fasted state by waiting to have their Keto Coffee until after their workout. Simply put, if you like your Keto Coffee after your workout, then have it then!

P.S. If you're wondering why you don't need to eat immediately after your workout, check out THIS vid.

#3: During Your Fasted State

The most important factor is that you want to have your Keto Coffee during your fasted state. This is when you'll be able to utilize the anti-inflammatory compounds of the butyric acid in the grass-fed butter best because you having nothing else in your GI tract to inhibit the absorption!

Seem weird that you can have Keto Coffee during your fasted state and still not "break your fast"? Get the deets on why this works with THIS post.

When You Should NEVER Have It

If you're using Keto Coffee as an energy level crutch or to replace meals, this is a no-no. As much as I love Keto Coffee, having too much or having it at the wrong time of day can lead to a crash later on. Replacing nutrient dense meals with coffee will not provide you the energy, minerals and substance you need in order to balance your hormones, achieve your wellness goals and feel GOOD.

Ask yourself - why are you replacing your meals with coffee? Is it a time issue thing? Or do you really love Keto Coffee? (Honestly, I don't blame you if that's the case. It IS delicious! But sticking to one cup per day will yield best results so that you can still get enough water, veggies, fats and protein too.)

If you're using it because you're low in energy, then you need to determine what is causing your low energy in the first place.

Is it lack of sleep? (If so, checkout THIS article for amazing sleep.) Are you overly stressed? Have you given Intermittent Fasting enough time to allow your mitochondria to start burning fat as fuel? (Learn exactly how long Intermittent Fasting takes to start working with THIS post).

Keto Coffee is a FANTASTIC tool for healing your gut and tapping into fat burning mechanisms. But having MORE of a good thing doesn't lead to more good things. You need to have nutrient dense meals (like THIS Blueberry Hemp Smoothie), you need to drink water and you need to follow proper Nutrient Timing so that your body can focus on balancing hormones, healing your gut and feeling awesome.

Make your first cup of Keto Coffee and learn the science-y deets behind why it's so awesome with THIS article!

I can't wait to see your frothy cup of Keto Coffee on Instagram! Make sure to tag me in your photos and stories @autumnelle_nutrition so that I can see your creation and Keto Coffee cheers you!

Your Nutritionist,


when can you have keto coffee / can you have keto coffee after a workout

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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