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3 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes You're Making That Cause Weight Gain

Updated: May 27, 2020

We're in the last 1.5 weeks of the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge! In the last 3.5 weeks, AENpeeps have reported decreased body fat percentage, significantly reduced bloating, boosted energy levels, improved sleep and overall increased confidence. On top of all that, you're cheers-ing with your frothy Keto Coffee every morning, nerding out on Nutrition with weekly YouTube videos AND starting epic conversations in the private AEN Facebook group! This Friday, we'll be announcing the grand prize details, so stay tuned!!

In order for you to transition your amazing results from the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge into everyday life, it's important that we cover some of the mistakes that may be popping up every now and then and holding back progress.

Today, I'm sharing three very common mistakes I see and what you can do to counter them.

intermittent fasting mistakes that cause weight gain

1. You're Counting Calories

If you're not new to the AENpeeps, then this won't come as a shock to you. The AENpeeps know that counting calories and following a calorie restriction diet only "helps" you in the very short term. As your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake, your BMR lowers and your body essentially goes into "power saving mode" - just like your phone when it's low on battery. This leads to a plateau in your results or weight gain as a result of the lowered BMR AND your body performing less optimally. This lowered performance can be something as simple as a decrease in energy or brain fog or even lead to more serious concerns such as infertility and losing your period.

2. You're Using Protein/Energy/"Health" Bars Regularly

Unfortunately, much of marketing is extremely clever with deceiving us into thinking protein bars are an excellent replacement for meals. And I completely understand how easy it is to fall into this trap, especially when having a bar can be so much easier than organizing or prepping a meal. But due to a variety of reasons, protein/energy/"health" bars will never be an acceptable option instead of a meal, especially if you're looking to boost your energy levels and tap into fat burning mechanisms. Get the science-y deets on why protein bars aren't so great with the video below.

3. You're Relying on Keto Coffee Instead of Food

Keto Coffee is an amazing tool to keep you satiated during your fasted period and provide fats to help decrease gut inflammation. However, the body still needs food too. By swapping out one of your meals for an additional Keto Coffee (or regular black coffee!), you're missing out on the fiber, fat and protein that will shut off hunger hormones and provide the fuel your gut bacteria needs in order to thrive. Stick to your 1-2 cups of Keto Coffee during your fasted state and eat the delicious meals within the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle when it's time to break your fast.

Cut out the confusion with Intermittent Fasting and join thousands of AENpeeps all around the WORLD in achieving your wellness dreams with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle.

Meal-by-meal guidance, 100+ recipes, restaurant guidelines, specific protocols depending on YOUR goals and MORE! Get started HERE.

Your Nutritionist,


intermittent fasting mistakes that cause weight gain

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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