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Does Mushroom Coffee Break a Fast? [Intermittent Fasting Tips]

Does mushroom coffee break a fast? Today, we're diving into the details of mushroom coffee and Intermittent Fasting!

does mushroom coffee break a fast

Does Mushroom Coffee Break a Fast?

There are a variety of reasons why you might choose mushroom coffee over regular coffee. Most commonly, people choose mushroom coffee to limit their caffeine intake and reap the benefits of various adaptogenic mushrooms.

Whatever your reason might be, if you're using Intermittent Fasting, will mushroom coffee break your fast?

Taking a look at one of the popular mushroom coffee brands on the market that uses mushrooms, cacao and various spices, one serving comes in at:

  • 3 grams net carbs

  • <1 gram protein

  • and .5 grams fat

When determining whether or not something will break a fast, you want to hone in on the net grams carbs and protein numbers.

Both protein and carbs can spike the storing hormone insulin. When insulin gets spiked, this throws the body out of the state of fat burning and will break a fast.

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does mushroom coffee break a fast

So how much protein/carbs should you be sticking to during the fast?

There's not a specific number of grams that will apply to every single person. However, as a good rule of thumb I recommend the "one gram rule" in the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle. This means having no more than a combined one gram of protein and/or carbs.

As this mushroom coffee example comes in at 3 grams net carbs, this will be over the one gram rule and will break a fast.

Pure black coffee and unsweetened tea both fall under one gram carbs and protein and therefore will not break a fast. So if you're looking to sip on something warm during the fasted state, you can opt for black coffee or unsweetened tea and keep your mushroom coffee to your eating window.

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does mushroom coffee break a fast

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does mushroom coffee break a fast

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