The 5 Day FREE Smoothie Challenge Is HERE!! [Here Are My Top 3 Tips]

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The official FREE 5 Day Smoothie Challenge starts on MONDAY!!

FREE smoothie recipes, FREE smoothie tips and a FREE download!!🥳

Last year, thousands of AENpeeps joined in on the 5 Day Free Smoothie Challenge and loved it. The goal of the Challenge is to make one simple (and delicious) change for 5 days to help you boost satiety and make a big step toward your weight loss and wellness goals.

It's a simple, easy and effective tool that you can do right now.

We're starting Monday, September 19th, so make sure to grab all the details (including the free download) HERE!

You won't want to miss this Challenge. We even have a surprise announcement on the last day... stay tuned!!🥳

In honor of the upcoming 5 Day Smoothie Challenge, I'm sharing some of my top tips to help you succeed next week. These are strategies that AENpeeps used last year throughout the challenge to feel awesome and simplify the process.

Checkout my top tips for the 5 Day Smoothie Challenge below!

Don't Be Afraid To Make Swaps

Not a fan of coconut butter? Or perhaps you don't love chia seeds? Not a problem! Page 7 of the free 5 Day Smoothie Challenge download is about to be your best friend. Here you can make simple swaps for each recipe, depending on the ingredient you want to remove.

Know Your Protein Needs

Each smoothie has around 20 grams of complete protein. If you know that you have higher protein needs than this, feel free to increase the protein ingredient in each smoothie. For example, instead of 1 serving of protein powder (which contains 20 grams of protein), increase it to 1.5 servings. This tiny adjustment instantly tailors the recipe to your protein needs (which if you're following the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle protocols, you know that this is VERY important for feeling satisfied and achieving a weight loss goal).(1)

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