• Autumn Bates, CCN, MS

Who Are The #AENpeeps?

Updated: May 27, 2020

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If you've read one of my blog posts, watched one of my Youtube videos, received one of my weekly Newsletters or scrolled through my Instagram, you'll have noticed a lot of mention of these "AENpeeps". At first, you may have disregarded it, but the more often you see the word, the more you find yourself thinking... WHO ARE THEY?!

Today I'm sharing with you exactly who this amazing group of Nutrition Nerds are and how you can become part of the AENpeeps too!

who are the aenpeeps

What Does "AENpeeps" Stand For?

Literally? "Autumn Elle Nutrition Peeps". Figuratively? We stand for becoming more educated on how our body works instead of blindly following various nutrition "advices". We stand for combining science-backed methods with a holistic understanding of what the body needs in order to THRIVE. We also stand for enjoying life and not accepting bland, tasteless meals as the only way to eat healthfully. In short, we stand for happiness, health and feeling GOOD again.

Where Are The AENpeeps Located?

Out of curiosity, two days ago I decided to do a deep dive into figuring out exactly where all of the AENpeeps are from. After scouring the AEN Private Facebook Group and website, I found out two ASTONISHING figures.

1. AENpeeps are located in ALL 50 states, including D.C.!

2. AENpeeps hail from 48 countries!!! See the full list below! (In fact, if you don't see your own country, send me a message on Instagram and I'll include you!)

Although we're all across the world, we meet, connect and share our journey's through the Autumn Elle Nutrition private Facebook Group HERE. You can also find us on Instagram using the hashtag #AENpeeps! I often feature AENpeeps on my Instagram stories over at @AutumnElle_Nutrition. You can also check out the incredibly inspiring stories of the AENpeeps and the wellness goals they have achieved over HERE. We're an extremely welcoming group with the mission to feel GOOD again, so feel free to pop on over via any of these methods and say hello or join us!

What Are The Requirements To Be An AENpeep?

If you have a passion for learning how your body works, understanding the MASSIVE role food and lifestyle plays on your health and wellness goals, and eating meals that you actually LOVE, then you're already half way to being an AENpeep!

To truly be part of the AENpeeps, joining in on the conversation or beginning your health and wellness journey is essential.

Here are the ways you can join the AENpeeps:

1. Subscribe to the AEN YouTube Channel HERE and nerd out on Nutrition twice a week!

2. Join the private AEN Facebook Group HERE.

3. Get started on your wellness journey with specific protocols, recipes, meal-by-meal guidance and all the science you need to get started with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle HERE.

4. Share the photos of your journey on Instagram using the #AENpeeps hashtag.

5. Get weekly updates with the AEN Monday Newsletter HERE.

6. Join one of the Intermittent Fasting Challenges! The next one coming up starts on September 23! Get the deets HERE.

7. Bring out your inner Nutrition Nerd with the 100+ articles on how to feel GOOD again HERE.