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Your Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge Checklist! [2023]

On Monday, October 2nd we're kicking off the 28 Day Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge! If you haven't already joined the Challenge, you can grab the details for how to get started HERE.

This Challenge is EXTRA special to me because it's my first challenge postpartum ~ and I have weight loss and wellness goals of my own to accomplish, too!

I'm ready to join this community of THOUSANDS of supportive men and women around the world to help get back to feeling energized and jump start my postpartum weight loss journey... while eating DELISH meals that make my taste buds happy, too 😋

So join me and the entire AEN Community in this year's 28 Day Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge!

We'll be tapping into fat burning mechanisms, eating meals we LOVE and FINALLY feeling GOOD again ✨

Scroll down for your Challenge Checklist!👇🏻

In order to help you prepare, I've created a checklist to get you started:

autumn bates fall intermittent fasting challenge

1. Grab Your Programs

We'll be using the 7 Day Detox Program during week 1 to help reduce sugar cravings, remove foods that block liver detox and jump start our weight loss and wellness goals.

After the first week, we're jumping straight into the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program for the last 3 weeks of the Challenge so we can focus on additional gut health and fat burning perks (hello metabolic flexibility!).

You can find both programs separately HERE or you can get everything you need for the Challenge AND the 7 Day Detox for FREE with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle HERE.

2. Prep + Read!

I can't stress this enough... it's extremely important you grab your Programs and read through the material. Simply following the meal plan will only take you so far. Understanding the WHY behind the strategies will be the key to achieving long lasting results (and to sneak in some extra useful tips and strategies, too!).

3. Stock up on protein!

Getting enough high quality protein is crucial for reducing sugar cravings, keeping the metabolism working well and achieving a body recomposition goal. Make sure to stock up on my zero sugar protein powder for all of the DELISH smoothie, chia pudding and yogurt bowl recipes that you can use throughout the Challenge to easily get your protein in.

Head over HERE to order your protein powder in time for the Challenge!

intermittent fasting meal plan for women

4. Join the AEN Facebook Group

This is an excellent way to keep you accountable and share your journey throughout the Challenge with thousands of other AENpeeps. Head over HERE and say hello!

5. Set a Goal

I recommend choosing a measurable goal. For example, reducing body fat percentage, increasing muscle mass or reducing the number of days you feel bloated are all great, measurable goals.

My goals for this challenge include reducing my body fat percentage while increasing my muscle mass. If weight loss is your goal, I highly recommend tracking body fat instead of overall weight. This gives a more accurate idea of the progress you've made vs. just using a traditional scale.

You can ask your local gym if they have an InBody so that you can get these body fat and muscle mass readings. Otherwise, at-home scale options provide some details on body fat/muscle mass (although, usually not nearly as accurate as the InBody).

HERE is an at-home scale option that some of my clients like using.*

*Affiliate link

intermittent fasting meal plan for women

6. Join Me LIVE On YouTube Each Week Of The Challenge!

I'll be going LIVE on YouTube every Monday of the Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge to share with you additional Intermittent Fasting tips, strategies AND some Live Q+A! Make sure you're subscribed to my channel HERE with notifications turned on so you don't miss out! The first YouTube live will be held on Monday, October 2nd at 9am PST.

And that's it! You're all set! I can't wait to kick off the Fall Intermittent Fasting Challenge with you! Don't forget to grab your Meal Plans HERE to get started!



intermittent fasting meal plan for women

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