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How Long Can You Use Intermittent Fasting For? 5 Must Know Tips.

Updated: May 27, 2020

With the annual Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge coming to a close this weekend, the AENpeeps are asking - "how long can I use Intermittent Fasting for?!". My short answer - as long as it feels good for you.* My much longer answer... well that's coming in a YouTube video next week ;)

Intermittent Fasting is a tool that is very simple to maintain long term while yielding the positive benefits of boosting fat burning mechanisms, improving insulin sensitivity and activating the very important Migrating Motor Complex, aka MMC. But it's still essential that you do Intermittent Fasting RIGHT. After completing the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle, you know the strategies to make you feel amazing and how to properly implement IF. Today, I'm sharing 5 additional strategies to take your results from the Summer Intermittent Fasting Challenge into everyday life.

how long can you use intermittent fasting for

1. Shift Your Window

If you’re using the same window everyday of the week for months or years at a time, you’re probably not allowing for any social activities. Being part of the AENpeeps, you know the massive cultural impact that food has on our health, wellness and long term goals. Occasionally going out to eat or attending parties is part of life and your window should reflect that. Check out the video below for exactly how to successfully shift your window.

2. Occasionally Don't Use IF

Sometimes, your body needs to eat… like right NOW, especially for women prior to their menstrual cycles or the morning after a long distance race. If you wake up feeling particularly hungry, listen to your body and break your fast earlier. Even if you break your fast early, it’s still important to follow tip number 3.

3. Maintain Proper Nutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing, whether you’re using a shorter fasting period or a normal IF window, is important for keeping blood glucose levels stable throughout the day. This stable blood glucose level will keep your energy levels from dipping throughout the day and aid in tapping into fat burning mechanisms by reducing the insulin response. Get the deets on proper Nutrient Timing HERE.

4. Adapt Your Exercise to IF

After completing 1-2 rounds of the original 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Program, you can re-assess your goals and hone in on your preferred focus. If upping your exercise routine or improving your sports performance is your goal, it's important that you adapt your Intermittent Fasting routine to allow for it. Whether you're training for your first half marathon or competing at the collegiate level, WHAT you eat during your window will have a great impact on how you recover and feel with your sport. Make sure to review the Athlete Protocol within the Level Up Guide for how to implement these strategies. If you're not competing, but you want to up your exercise routine to incorporate running or HIIT/strength training, make sure you watch the video below first.

5. Focus On Satiety

I'm not a fan of saying "this is the most important tip" because I have found that to be highly over simplified... but with that being said - if you take ONE thing from this article, it's to always focus on satiety (especially satiety in terms of utilizing proper Nutrient Timing). Calorie restriction DOES. NOT. WORK. You will only be disappointed long term with calorie restriction, whether it be from a constant state of slight hunger or reducing your BMR and hitting a major weight loss plateau (followed by a rebound in weight). I completely understand that satiety for weight loss and long term health is a weird concept to wrap your head around. I get it, it was a hard one for me to initially wrap my head around as well. If you need to hear the science on why this is true (which I hope you do, because you know I love my Nutrition Nerd Rants!!), head over HERE for a full breakdown.

I can not reiterate this enough - using Intermittent Fasting PROPERLY is essential to feeling amazing long term and not just yo-yo-ing your way through life. Join thousands of AENpeeps around the world in utilizing The Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle guidelines and feel GOOD again!

Head over HERE to get started!

Your Nutritionist,


how long can you use intermittent fasting for

how long can you use intermittent fasting for

Autumn Elle Nutrition

*Disclaimer: The author is not a doctor. The advice the author provides herein is based on years of practical application, experimenting with her own health and physique as well as the clinical needs of others. Any recommendations the author may make to you regarding diet, including supplements and herbal or nutritional treatments must be discussed between you and your doctor(s) to ensure protection for reader and author.

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09 ago 2019

"using Intermittent Fasting PROPERLY is essential to feeling amazing long term and not just yo-yo-ing your way through life." This line SPEAKS to me. I have yo-yo'd up and down the scale my entire life. I've been following your IF program for about 2 months now, seeing slow but steady progress. Makes me hopefully I can maintain this long term! Thanks Autumn <3

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