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Exactly How Many Calories Breaks a Fast?

Exactly how many calories breaks a fast? In truth, it doesn't necessarily come down to calories, rather the type of fasting that you're following. Today, we're breaking down the details of what will and will not break a fast (and ruin your results).

can you have any calories while fasting

Can You Have Any Calories While Fasting?

What you can and can't have while Intermittent Fasting will depend on your goals with Intermittent Fasting.

If your main goal is to improve gut health and stimulate your Migrating Motor Complex, then anything that isn't water will break your fast. This could also potentially include unsweetened tea and coffee, although this appears to depend on each person.

If your goal is primarily to achieve a weight loss goal or to address insulin levels, then small amounts of pure fat sources can be used during the fast. (Try 5 different Keto Coffee recipes to use during your fast HERE.) However, if a food or drink contains any protein or carbohydrates, then this will break a fast. This is because both carbohydrates and protein can stimulate the storing hormone insulin. A good rule of thumb is to stick to less than 1 gram total of carbohydrates and protein during the fasted state to help ensure that you won't break your fast. For a full breakdown of the two different forms of fasting and what will or will not break a fast, check out the blog post below.

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How Many Calories Breaks a Fast

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