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What Is Keto Coffee And How Can You Make It At Home?

You may have seen some frothy cups of Keto Coffee on Instagram (like on my account, @AutumnElle_Nutrition!) and wondered what all the hype's about. Today, I'm sharing the details of Keto Coffee, what it is and how you can make it at home!

what is keto coffee

What Is Keto Coffee?

Keto Coffee is usually black coffee blended or mixed with any pure fat source. This can include coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, ghee and small amounts of heavy cream or half and half. Keto coffee can simply be described as any coffee drink that doesn't stimulate the storing hormone insulin. When insulin is high, the fat burning process called lipolysis is turned off. Since fats don't stimulate insulin, these can be incorporated into the "Keto" coffee. The process of ketogensis (the "keto" portion of the coffee) within the body creates ketones as a result of utilizing fat as fuel. Because various types of Keto Coffees don't stimulate insulin, it can inherently leave the fat burning process turned on - especially if you're utilizing Intermittent Fasting.

what is keto coffee

What Is Keto Coffee Good For?

Keto Coffee can be a particularly useful tool if you're new to Intermittent Fasting and are feeling hungry during the fast. The fats that are typically found in Keto Coffee can signal the satiety hormone CCK (cholecystokinin) to turn on, therefore shutting off hunger. If you're struggling to get through an intermittent fast and you don't want to spike insulin, Keto Coffee can be useful to get you through your fasting period. As the body becomes better at utilizing fat as fuel, the fats in Keto Coffee become less and less necessary during the fasting period. At this point, many people might reduce the amount of fat in their coffee, switch over to black coffee or maintain their usual Keto Coffee (out of pure love for the recipe!). You don't need Keto Coffee in order to use Intermittent Fasting, but it can be a useful tool especially if you're new to the process.

There are some perks unique to using grass-fed butter in Keto Coffee. Grass-fed butter is rich in vitamin K2 which is crucial for helping to shuttle calcium out of the arteries and into the bones.(1) Unfortunately, grain-fed butter is completely lacking of vitamin K2 (because K2 is created from converting vitamin K1 in grass into K2 in the cow), so it's important to opt for grass-fed butter if using it in your Keto Coffee.

what is keto coffee

How To Make Keto Coffee At Home

Keto Coffee can come in a variety of flavors and methods. But below is a simple, original Keto Coffee recipe that can be paired with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle protocols.

Keto Coffee

Serves 1


12-16 oz. brewed coffee (Preferably organic and mold-toxin free. Check out the details HERE.)

1/2 Tbsp. grass-fed butter/ghee OR cacao butter (for a plant-based alternative)

1/2 Tbsp. unrefined coconut oil*

  1. Carefully combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until frothy. Check out my video below for the step-by-step details on how to make your Keto Coffee extra frothy!

*Some people prefer to use a bit less of the coconut oil for a more traditional "coffee" flavor. You can use 1 tsp. coconut oil (or even a little less) if you fall into this camp.

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what is keto coffee

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what is keto coffee

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