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10 Healthy Detox Recipes To Help You Reset And Feel Good Again

detox recipe ideas

This week, the AEN Community is joining in on the 7 Day Holiday Detox to help reset sugar cravings and feel good again after Thanksgiving indulgences.

The body is always detoxing via the liver, kidney, skin and bowels. However, certain foods have been found to help the liver breakdown toxins more efficiently. These include foods such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, broccoli, Brazil nuts and beef.(1)

In honor of the 7 Day Holiday Detox, I'm sharing 10 healthy (and delish!) detox approved recipes that use science-backed ingredients to help support the liver while detoxing from sugary treats.

detox smoothie recipe

Turmeric Lemon Detox Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with detox promoting ingredients such as chia seeds, turmeric and ginger. It's light, satiating and packed with protein to help prevent sugar cravings.

Get the recipe HERE.

detox chia pudding recipe

Summer Detox Chia Pudding

It might not be summer anymore, but this chia pudding is perfect for anytime of the year!

Get the recipe HERE.

detox ginger lemon tea recipe

Fresh Ginger Lemon Tea

Ginger is not only a useful tool to aid in liver detox, it's also extremely important for gut health. Fresh ginger helps to boost the Migrating Motor Complex which stimulates gut clean up. You can make fresh ginger lemon tea by slicing 1 inch of ginger and 1/4 lemon and boiling it in water for about 5-10 minutes.

detox soup recipe

Reviving Detox Soup

This super simple soup is packed with flavor and detox promoting ingredients such as bone broth and broccoli. Pair it with 4-6 oz. of your favorite cooked protein to make it a complete meal.

You can find the Reviving Detox Soup in our 7 Day Detox Program HERE.

detox smoothie recipe

Minty Matcha Detox Smoothie

This zero added sugar smoothie uses matcha and chia seeds to provide antioxidants and fiber to help support the liver.

Find the recipe HERE.

detox breakfast recipe

Turmeric Detox Scramble

Eggs are extremely rich in choline, which aids in liver health. This brekky also contains garlic and turmeric for added flavor and detox support.

Grab the recipe HERE.

detox smoothie recipe

Golden Milk Smoothie

This recipe uses probiotic rich kefir to help support gut health throughout the Detox.To make this recipe 100% 7 Day Detox approved, you can use my unflavored zero sugar protein powder.

Get the recipe HERE.

detox egg salad recipe

Curry Egg Salad Wrap

Eggs are incredibly rich in choline, a nutrient required for liver health. Adding curry powder to your classic egg salad not only adds flavor, but it also contributes detox promoting ingredients like turmeric.

Try my recipe HERE.

detox recipe idea

Spiced Baked Tenders

Yup, you can have detox approved chicken tenders! My recipe uses almond and coconut flour in place of wheat flour and bread crumbs to make it detox approved.

You can find my Spiced Baked Tenders recipe in the 7 Day Detox HERE.

detox grain free oatmeal recipe

Grain-Free Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

This grain-free oatmeal recipe uses chia, hemp and flax seeds as the base to provide fiber needed for phase 3 detox. Plus, the extra protein in this recipe helps to make it way more satisfying than your usual oatmeal!

Try the recipe HERE.

Don't miss out! Grab the 7 Day Detox Program for the science-backed tips and recipes to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals!

Get started HERE.

7 day detox program

❤️ Autumn

Autumn Elle Nutrition

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The initiative of sharing 10 healthy and delicious detox-approved recipes that use science-backed ingredients to support the liver is a fantastic way to encourage the community to make informed and beneficial dietary choices. hill climb racing


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