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10 Intermittent Fasting Results to INSPIRE Your Wellness Journey

The new year is just around the corner. This is the time when we stop, analyze how we're feeling and start planning for next year's goals. Maybe you want to boost your energy levels. Or maybe your goal is to decrease body fat percentage. Perhaps you're looking to reduce bloating and heal your gut.

Whatever your wellness goal might be, if you're using Intermittent Fasting to achieve them, you NEED to check out these inspiring Intermittent Fasting results.

When making plans and setting goals, a dose of inspiration can go quite a long way!

Checkout 10 Intermittent Fasting results from men and women around the world to inspire your 2022.

intermittent fasting results

Jeannette ~ 47 pound weight loss at the age of 55

"I feel clarity if that makes sense. IF, nutrient timing has changed my life. After the New Year challenge I realized this is a lifestyle for me."

Checkout Jeannette's tips for Intermittent Fasting success with the video below!

intermittent fasting results

Ron ~ At Age 54, Got His Swagger Back!

"My goal was 40 lbs by July 25, 2020 and a total of 70 lbs by the end of 2020. On July 17, 2020 I was down 71 lbs...I’m getting some of my old swagger back"

intermittent fasting results

Jennifer ~ Lost 12 Pounds in 8 Weeks!

"My biggest wellness win that I experienced was fat loss. This was my number one goal so I was thrilled with it! Along with this, I also gained more knowledge about nutrition and the science behind how food affects my body. All the information I learned I can now use to maintain a healthier me for the future!"

intermittent fasting results

Karola ~ Lost Over 33 Pounds in 6 Months

"I lost over 25 lbs in about 4 months and went from a size 14/16 to a size 10. When I started the program, I was out of breath after ~5-10 minutes of light biking and now I bike 30-40 minutes about 3 times a week without any problems. The last time I went dancing in a club, I didn’t last longer than a song or two in a row and now I feel like I can dance all night long :-)
I have more energy, I am rarely ever hungry and I spend less time with preparing food, with opens up free time for other fun activities."

Checkout Karola's 3 rules she followed while Intermittent Fasting with the video below!

intermittent fasting results

Macie ~ Finally Seeing Results WITHOUT Counting Calories!

"I truly feel great and I can feel that my body is healing and starting to work how it’s supposed to. No more calorie restriction and constant hunger."

intermittent fasting results

Lane ~ Mom of 2 Lost 26 Pounds!

"Thanks so much! I really couldn’t of done it without you. You took all the guesswork out of this process and gave me a plan to succeed with. I hope it inspires moms especially not to settle or quit on themselves."
intermittent fasting results

Robyn ~ Lost 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks AND Reduced Bloating!

"BEST DECISION EVER. I have never felt better. So far I have lost about 20 pounds and I not only look better but I feel better."

intermittent fasting results

Monica ~ STILL Using Intermittent Fasting 2 Years Later!

"I had only set out to lose 5 or 10 pounds, but I actually lost nearly 25 pounds over the course of three or four months! ...I have stopped obsessively counting calories and living in what felt like a persistent state of starvation."

Checkout Monica's top Intermittent Fasting tips for lasting results below!

intermittent fasting results

Jenny ~ Lost 15 Pounds and GAINED Energy!

"In the last 15 weeks, I have lost 22 lbs., have more energy and sleep so much better.

intermittent fasting results

Sierra ~Is Eating MORE and STILL Achieving Her Goals!

"I felt like I was eating more and working out less and finally seeing results."

Ready to start achieving your weight loss and wellness goals? Unlock the recipes, Intermittent Fasting strategies, meal plans and MORE with the Complete Intermittent Fasting Bundle!

intermittent fasting results

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Intermittent Fasting Results

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